Residents persist and win at Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB)

Residents Svetlana and Dejan Bojic demonstrated all the right moves in fighting against undesirable development on their street.  First at the Committee of Adjustment and then at the newly formed TLAB.  They then shared their story by contacting KPRI on August 20th with the following message:

"We would like to inform you and KPRI members about the outcome of our long dispute with the developer who purchased the 82 Government Rd property (next to our house).

After two Committee of Adjustment hearings we went with our neighbors to TLAB in order to protect our interests. Since TLAB was established recently, we needed to do a lot of research and understanding of the rules and craft the best approach. 

We also hired an urban planner Draga Barbir ( and Allen Douglas ( as legal support. With their guidance and help and we've managed to reach a settlement with the builders. The settlement includes resolution to our satisfaction, of all major issues (variances) we had with the proposed plan. As a result the builder had to change the plan and remove the variances as per the settlement. 

From the beginning, our intention was not to prevent them from building a new house, but to comply with the by-laws and remove the variances which would have a great negative impact on surrounding properties.    

In the process with TLAB we've prepared a lot of supporting documents. All TLAB documents can be viewed here.

We think that this should be shared with our community through the KPRI site, to show that with a lot of hard work, patience and professional help from people like Draga and Doug, a favorable outcome is possible.

Please note, 82 Government Rd was put up for sale again two days ago.

Thank you,

Dejan and Svetlana Bojic, 

80 Government Rd."

The TLAB decision document can be viewed by tapping here.