Latest Development Articles

The following links (in red) take you to some recent relevant articles about city development:

The City’s Bill 108 website is now live here This website has the city‘s response to the bill and a presentation by the Chief Planner on it’s implications, followed by deliberation by Council. Very comprehensive coverage of this important bill is at this site.

The Toronto Star, May 11, 2019 Ford government housing Bill 108 could leave developers paying less, Toronto communities with fewer benefits

Globe and Mail, March 11, 2019 Density does not have to equal towers, and according to new research by Ryerson University’s Centre for Urban Research and Land Development all the growth in housing construction the province needs to support both population growth and affordability goals could be met by rezoning areas near transit to support “gentle density,” missing-middle projects.

Globe and Mail, October 19, 2018 There was a time when Toronto worked as an exemplar of city building and municipal governance. Toronto was looked to as a model of metropolitan government and urban planning. But now a shortsighted, buck-a-beer outlook has replaced its breadth of vision.

spacing Toronto, August 20, 2018  Premier Doug Ford’s pledge to upload the subway system will become the Brexit of Toronto politics: a promise balanced on the most dubious of mandates, barely scrutinized during the election and certain to deliver administrative chaos, political conflict and planning gridlock for years to come.

NOW, August 2, 2018  Former mayor David Miller calls out Doug Ford's assault on Toronto council:  "The reason Ford has so dramatically interfered with the city's municipal election is crass politics – he wants to get rid of people he doesn’t like"

National Post, July 31, 2018   Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s plan to cut Toronto’s city council from 47 to 25 wards, and to cancel regional elections outside of Toronto, has attracted strong opposition. It threatens to create what critics call a state of “civic chaos” because, if passed, The Better Local Government Act would take effect before the upcoming municipal election this October.

Toronto Storeys, March 14, 2018    Young families have built up a once-neglected neighbourhood.  They somewhat gentrified it.  They beautified it.  They increased its value. Now they believe their efforts — and neighbourhood — are about to be thwarted by a meat-packing plant.   Other articles are other link1,  and other link2,

The Toronto Star, March 12, 2018     If the city continues on its current financial course, it will face a massive $1.42 billion budget gap in just five years, warns a new report from the city’s top bureaucrat.

The Toronto Star, March 5, 2018     Waterfront Toronto’s eagerness to sign a deal with a Google sister company has alarmed experts who warn cities are easy prey for Big Tech and its unquenchable thirst for data.

Canadian & Consulting Engineer, October 2, 2017    Great Gulf acquiring Mirvish Gehry towers project in Toronto.  The development will comprise two towers of 82 and 92 storeys anchored by a multi-level podium.

CBCNews Calgary, September 30, 2017     Flexible zoning is being contemplated in Calgary.  Rules around what goes where could boost residential living in the core and bring more business to communities.

CBCNews Toronto, September 22, updated October 5, 2017   A neighbourhood group in north Toronto is organizing a yard sale on Saturday hoping to raise the tens of thousands of dollars it needs to help pay for its three-year fight against a proposed rental development in the area. 

Globe and Mail Editorial, September 1, 2017.  How density makes for a successful city and why residents and developers must find a happy medium between extremes.

Alex Bozikovic, The Globe and Mail's architecture critic  August 29th.  A discussion of NIMBY-ism vs the reality of population growth in Toronto.  Contains links to other relevant articles.