The KPRI has been serving the community for over 50 years. We are an organization of neighbours who wish to provide current information to the community. Ratepayer groups are watchdogs: they distribute current information to members within municipalities as well as organize events to put neighbours in touch with each other. There have been many issues that have occurred in the area over the last few decades, many where the KPRI has had a positive influence.  Members have had access to information in the past via mailed newsletters to every door in the district. This was a great way to spread information, and is now available online, easily accessed by desktop or mobile.

Our goal is to make it as easy for you, a member of the community, to stay informed with the information that is most important to you and your neighbours. We hope that you will invite your neighbours to join our organization. Our efforts are best suited when more and more people join and stay up to date. Community matters, and we hope you can contribute through our organization!  Membership is $20 for one year, three years for $50 or $80 for 5 years. The fee goes towards maintaining the website, creating and distributing notices and helping pay for events hosted by the directors. For more information, click the buttons below to see our Results, Join or Contact us..